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On a daunting but extremely exciting journey!

I'm starting off the new season with a new website (designed largely by my 15 year old daughter!) and the realization of a project I have been working towards and dreaming about for a very long time!

In addition to my concerts with the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra I will be performing all of the six Bach suites for cello solo together with six pieces that I have commissioned from six different Norwegian Composers. Each Bach cello suite receives a companion piece written by its on composer.

I have called this project "Conversations with J.S.Bach" (partially taking the title from one of the pieces I commissioned). I wanted to explore the potential of blending Bach's music from the 17-hundreds with present-day approaches and each newly commissioned piece will be played alongside the Bach cello suite that it takes its inspiration from. My hope is to create a unique meeting point between the past and the present; a conversation across timelines.

These commissions would not have been possible without the generous support of the Norwegian Arts Council, Sparebankstiftelsen and The Norwegian Composers Association.

I thought it would be nice to share my journey here! More soon...

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